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K.A.T. Fitness System Workshop

Event Time: 03/29/2014 09:30AM — 03/29/2014 04:30AM
Price: $200.00

Foundational Kettlebell Juggling Skills for Living on the Edge with Gus Petersen

Saturday, March 29, 2014
Asylum Fitness
Wilmington, NC
9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Space is limited; register today and reserve your spot!

Cost: $200.00

Kettlebell juggling is a challenging, mentally engaging training tool you MUST experience!

“Kettlebell juggling feels more like sport and less like work, with dynamic, fun techniques that challenge you both mentally and physically. That eliminates the boredom factor and delivers a high-quality, efficient, comprehensive workout in 20 to 40 minutes, max.”
—Gus Petersen, founder, K.A.T. Fitness System

Experience the benefits of training with kettlebell juggling! Gus will teach you how to:

  • Build muscle while burning tremendous amounts of fat and calories with sustained strength and cardiovascular work that is so varied and challenging that it never gets boring!
  • Increase strength and cardio endurance simultaneously by mastering basic juggling techniques such as back and front flips
  • Cross-train your muscles effectively and improve joint health by performing a variety of juggling techniques in new planes of movement that are unique to the K.A.T. system
  • Develop focus and hand speed by practicing a series of beginning tap drills
  • Improve your physical stamina and mental focus under stress and fatigue by executing various K.A.T. juggling techniques that demand strength, endurance, and fine motor control all at once
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and mental acuity by following a progressive system of training that works the brain as well as the body
  • Enhance your functional strength, agility, and athleticism with two original K.A.T. juggling techniques that involve throwing and catching the kettlebell while on the move
  • Double the neural and physical demands of your workouts by adding the K.A.T. Fitness System's unique two-kettlebell juggling techniques to your training repertoire.

View a short video of the September 2013 Chicago K.A.T. workshop to get a preview of some of the skills and techniques you will learn!
View a teaser clip from K.A.T. Disc 2: Essential Juggling Skills for Living on the Edge. The workshop will cover many of these foundational skills.

Here's what Gus's students and other kettlebell instructors and practitioners have to say about K.A.T. workshops and the benefits of K.A.T. juggling:

“Five Points Academy hosted Gus and Karen Petersen's K.A.T. Workshop in April [2013]. It was a beautiful day with some great people to juggle kettlebells at East River Park in NYC. This is an extremely fun and rewarding event. I highly recommend it. The K.A.T. system reminds me of Primal Move in that it feels like you're playing the whole time. You don't realize how much work you've put in until you stop. We all left this workshop spent and smiling.I know what you're thinking... kettlebell juggling is crazy... you'll kill yourself. I heard a lot of that leading up to this workshop. Then you get there and within 30 minutes Gus and Karen have you flipping bells with your eyes closed. Literally with your eyes closed. Gus has created such an amazing series of progressions that all apprehension dissipates immediately. One simply trusts in Gus and soon themselves. Everyone performed beyond their expectations.”
—Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner, SFG II, CICS, CK-FMS, DVRT Master Instructor, Brooklyn, New York

“Great day juggling kettlebells. The K.A.T. juggling class is even better the second time around. In fact, I recommend it!! Gus and Karen, you two really know how to communicate a skill!! Thanks for all the patience and good humor.”
—Glenna Lampner, SFG II, NYC

[The Modesto K.A.T. workshop] was an awesome time! The K.A.T. system is very cool and very effective! TWO THUMBS UP!
—Mike Sousa, SFG II, CK-FMS, Co-owner of Full Force PT, Modesto, California

 “Amazing workshop yesterday with Gus Petersen. The creativity in the kettlebell juggling is incredible, and the BRAIN/NEUROLOGICAL benefits are off the charts. With neuroplasticity being the big buzz word these days, Gus’s K.A.T. juggling system has so much to offer everyone interested in moving better, seeing better, and solving physical problems. This is a system that all RKCs/SFGs should use and put into their toolbox, as it works on the REACTIVE nature of athleticism, which is often lost with basic reps, sets, and sagittal plane movements. Looking forward to having Gus and Karen come back to San Diego soon to teach another workshop! People NEED TO LEARN about this system. Life changing and instantly improves your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and power!!!”
—Franz Snideman, Sr. SFG, Primal Move National Instructor, Primal Speed founder, co-owner of Revolution Fitness, La Jolla, California

I am still trying to assimilate my introduction to Gus and his K.A.T. Fitness System. This is playful, fun, creative, intuitive, and very challenging—but not in the same way as my hardstyle lifts, which is why I enjoyed it. I approached the day with an open mind, ready for anything. Which allowed me to fully enjoy myself while adopting these new (to me) movement patterns with the bell. My body welcomed the choreography and the change of awareness. I liken this juggling to a crossword puzzle for my kettlebell practice in that it forced my brain to act/react in unusual and complex patterns. Both Gus and his wife Karen are so gifted in how they translate and coach K.A.T. Gus had us doing front flips, back flips, double flips and a host of tricky kettlebell juggling moves that at first glance, while watching him demonstrate, looked completely out of reach. I cannot recommend this workshop enough, especially to the RKC community. If you have the opportunity to work with Gus, GO FOR IT!"
—Gabby Eborall, CPT, SFG, CK-FMS, North Beach Kettlebells, San Clemente, California

“This was an awesome workshop experience. Gus Petersen has done a great job of building the progressions so that anyone can learn and benefit from these workouts. Using only light kettlebells, the movements put tremendous work load on the CNS for an extremely stimulating and effective workout. The neural and brain stimulation is off the hook. I would never have expected to be as sore as I was. Looking forward to doing it again.”
—Paul Daniels, Sr. SFG, owner operator of The Body Warehouse, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

“Gus, Karen! What a fantastic day I had yesterday! Thank you for bringing what I call the ‘ultimate mindfulness kettlebell practice’ to Chicago! Although very physical, like all kettlebell practice is, this KB practice takes the mind to a higher level of concentration because the movements are very daring! Very challenging! I can’t find expressions to say how much I loved it. It was impressive to see your mind-body coordination ability (how you command your mind/body connection to such a high degree of communication). I could see how this skill will help me be a stronger more coordinated dancer! Biker! Swimmer! Jiu Jitsu-er! Boxer! Juggling is something all kettlebell hardstyle practitioners must try! Juggling is a beautiful, strong skill to seek! But at the same time is FUN!”
—Minerva Wolfe, RKC, Truly Fit Gym, Urbana, Illinois

“I met Gus a year ago when he assisted an HKC I hosted. The knowledge he brought to the workshop was incredible. After that I had multiple opportunities to train with Gus and his K.A.T. system. His instruction is second to none. I have since brought many of my own personal clients to work with Gus and his K.A.T. training. Gus brings training with kettlebells to a whole new level. I have seen my own personal movement and skill improve along with my clients simply by working with Gus. He has a way of bringing out the best in every client I have introduced to him. Just the way he inspires and encourages others to be their best is a quality few trainers have. Thank you Gus! I look forward to having you work with myself and my clients more in the future.”
—Aaron Pierson, RKC Team Leader, FMS, owner of Fundamental Strength, Fort Collins, Colorado

 “I had a busy week of work travel, kid wrangling, and not much sleep, so wasn’t sure how I would feel during the workshop. I didn’t need to worry, as I got a buzz from being totally engaged mentally and physically, Thanks for the awesome workshop, Gus and Karen! What a joyful experience. And can’t wait to practice more!”
—Amy Chan, Denver, Colorado

“If you are looking to ‘charge’ up your nervous system, improve coordination, and further increase your grip strength, get aboard a K.A.T. workshop. Gus & Karen have methodically created a step by step approach to introduce RKC/SFG practitioners to the art of kettlebell juggling. Adhering to hard style power breathing, Gus can teach a willing participant flips, devil's triplets, helis and more. I highly recommend adding K.A.T. teachings into your toolbox and watch how other movements will improve!”
—Firmen Sowers, RKC, La Jolla, California

 “That was a seriously fun time! Total shock to every nerve and muscle in my body! Humbling beyond humbling!”

—Keats Snideman, owner/operator of Reality Based Fitness, Chandler, Arizona

 “There is a serenity point reached in facing your fears and dialing in on them in order to reach peak performance. It’s not so much about being a ‘tough’ guy as it is about being well trained. It’s about reflexively executing a skill when most would just want to curl up in a ball and wish the experience was over. There’s a lot going on in the mind during these times of mental and physical stress and the better we are at multitasking, the better we will manage the discomfort. To date, I have not found a drill which caters to the fine tuning of this skill as well as kettlebell juggling does.”
Mike Connelly, SFG II, Owner of Rebell Conditioning, Chicago, IL
Read Mike Connelly's complete blog post, "Kettlebell Juggling: An Essential Technique for All Athletes"

Experience the benefits of the K.A.T. Fitness System for yourself!

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Gus Petersen is the owner of ProEdge Kettlebells in Denver, Colorado. A personal trainer in the Denver metro area for more than 20 years, he has been an RKC-certified instructor since 2004. Gus is also a certified Indian Club Specialist, a certified Primal Move instructor, and has a degree in sports medicine technology. In September 2010, Gus published a series of five instructional DVDs featuring the K.A.T. Fitness System, a complete system of original kettlebell juggling techniques that he developed.

"Life can be an adventure—but only if you’re fit enough to participate. Otherwise, it’s just drudgery." —Gus Petersen, owner, ProEdge Kettlebells