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K.A.T. Fitness System Workshop 03/29/2014

Event Time: 03/29/2014 09:30AM — 03/29/2014 04:30AM
Price: $200.00

Kettlebell juggling is a challenging, mentally engaging training tool you MUST experience!

The skills you learn in this jam-packed 1-day workshop will enable you to:
  • Build muscle while burning tremendous amounts of fat and calories
  • Increase strength and cardio endurance simultaneously
  • Cross-train your muscles effectively and improve joint health
  • Develop focus and hand speed
  • Increase your physical stamina and mental focus under stress and fatigue
  • Improve your hand-eye coordination, vision, reaction time, and mental acuity
  • Enhance your functional strength, agility, and athleticism
  • Double the neural and physical demands of your workouts

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