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About Coach Mark

Mark Smith is the owner and founder of Asylum Fitness. He is a Movement and Strength Coach. He believes in reclaiming our birthright as humans to be able to move however and whenever we want or choose to. Coach Mark teaches his students how to move as they did when they were kids, freely and without hesitation or thought. This freedom through movement practice is highly rewarding and has profound health benefits. The goal for students at Asylum Fitness is to live long active and playful lives. Coach Mark also enjoys teaching his students to reconnect with nature through play, as well as reconnecting to other humans through games. Ultimately through his teaching we move better, feel better, become better.

Coach Mark originally began as a WITS certified personal trainer after graduating with a minor in Exercise Sports Science, concentration in Coaching, from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his endless pursuit of knowledge, education and self betterment he has added the c-FMS (Functional Movement Screen) under Gray Cook, MCT2 (MovNat level two certified trainer), and several workshops. In summer of 2014 he flew to Dublin, Ireland to learn from the brilliant Ido Portal. While he was there he got to spend 5 days with a colleague named Dave Hedges, founder of Wild Geese Fitness. His time spent with Dave was invaluable as Dave is a wealth of knowledge and eager to share. The whole trip was a pivotal paradigm in his pedagogy. In September of 2014 Mark was flown out to Austin, Texas to Onnit Headquarters for the beta test of the Onnit Level 1 Certification. Mark regularly writes for the Onnit Academy Journal, formerly My Mad Methods Magazine and has been published many times. Onnit has asked Coach Mark to be one of their Master trainers beginning in 2015 to help teach the Onnit Certification to others. It is a great honor Mark is proud to accept. Coach Mark now teaches workshops all over as requested sharing his journey into movement culture with anyone who will listen and wants to learn.

Mark’s physical background is track 4x800m, 3200m, 800m, 1600m; cross country, wrestling (all-conference), Jiu-jitsu on and off for nearly 10 years (serious for the first 4 under Joe Hurst in Concord, NC), Muay Thai, and a little boxing. In College he was a competitive Ballroom Dancer, and now he is dabbling in parkour and rudimentary gymnastics. He is also an outdoor enthusiast and barefoot practitioner.