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This page is designed to help you be as best equipped as possible for a better you and a better life. The links and articles below are aimed at increasing your knowledge and application of health and fitness.     A local company here to help you on the home front with eating better.  The world's best whole food supplement that I personally have come across. This stuff works, feel the difference.    An online unconventional training community.  Not just for MMA, words of wisdom for life too.  Martin Rooney is a world class and world renowned trainer. Also one of the first to specialize MMA specific training. A wealth of knowledge, Dan John knows a lot about a lot. Especially when it comes to lifting. A reliable and credible resource for all things running. Gray Cook and Lee Burton the experts on functional movement and corrective exercises.  Jessica Wright-Moore is a personal friend and an amazing photographer who has done everything picture related for me from my engagement pics, my wife's bridals, our wedding to multiple Asylum Fitness photo shoots. She is fantastic and very talented.