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About Asylum Fitness

Located in beautiful Wilmington, North Carolina in an old carpentry barn sits Asylum Fitness amongst an old pine forest. This is the Ludus (latin for Gladiatorial training ground, or play) where Coach Mark Smith teaches and practices. Movement is the main philosophy at Asylum Fitness. The natural backdrop provides the perfect escape from the mundane of daily life and a place where students can learn and grow as movers and humans. Asylum Fitness is an unconvetional gym with unconventional tools such as Kettle Bells (the most used), sandbags, odd objects, strongman equipment, macebells, steel clubs, ropes and more. The techniques are also unconventional as Coach Mark draws from: calisthenics,ground based movements, locomotives, Floreio art, gymnastics, dance, kettle bells, martial arts, kinesthetic riddles, rough housing, coopertive games, improvosational movement, strongman technques, olympic ring work, handstand play, sprint training, barefoot practice, arboreal exploration, hanging and climbing, trail running, and many many more techniques, teachings and philosophies are implemented at Asylum Fitness. Lots of fun and real world applications of fitness are all part of the Asylum Fitness experience!